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Spa-Boards offers a 90 day Warranty on all rebuilt circuit boards  We believe these boards will continue to operate as long as a new board would under the same conditions.  If the board fails to work properly within the warranty time, contact us.  We will repair the board at no cost with free return ground shipping.  Spa-Boards will refund your return shipping up to $20 if the problem was due to our parts or workmanship.

Test Spa
This is our self-contained Test Spa.  It is a 25-gallon water tank with a submerged 10-gpm pump.  The water is pumped through hoses to a Low-Flow heater with a pressure switch and red indicator bulb.

For final test, all boards are tested on this rig.  During final testing, we measure voltages and verify proper operation. We also connect a two-speed pump and verify proper switching voltages.   When you receive the board, you can feel comfortable the board will function correctly.

Return Promise

Besides our 90 day Warranty, we also offer a 14 day money back refund less $45 for our testing & shipping. If the purchased board doesn't solve the problem, or isn't compatible and the board isn't damaged, you may return it for the refund.  Just let us know what happened. If your topside control panel is shorted, this could cause unrepairable damage to circuit board.   We have rebuilt thousands of spa circuit boards and stand behind our work.

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